"Hey there Yasmin and Tavis. I have created a new band schedule based off your new run-sheet. The first two sets will be chilled (the second will be chilled then we'll do the bridal waltz and then start the dancing set) and we'll work with the MC so they can announce things like the cutting of the cake etc which will happen through these sets. The last two sets will be all dance music.

Thanks guys!"



Yasmin & tavis' Wedding on the 29th jan 2017 at

Bundaleer Rainforest gardens

Venue Details

Venue Name

Bundaleer Rainforest gardens (Treetops Room)

Street address

59 Bundaleer St, Brookfield QLD 4069

Venue Contact


Contact Phone

07 3374 1360

Client Contact


Event Details


Jan 29, 2017

Event Type


Approx Guests


Dress Code

Smart Casual



Payment Details

Payment Method

Cash on the night



Performer Details


Dan (Keys/Vocals), Oscar (Guitar/Vocals), Pat (Bass), Jake (Drums)


The Wicklow Band 4 Piece

Band Set-up Time

5pm to 6pm in Treetops Room

Band Finish Time


Band Start Time


Song Preferences

DO NOT PLAY: Eagle Rock, The Voice

DO PLAY: Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeren





Key Event Songs

Nick Cave - Into my arms (What is this being used for.... First Dance?)

Client Music and Style Notes

Funky covers, like Phats play at Brooklyn Standard


4.15 - 5.15

Ceremony at Waterfall Deck


Canapes on Kookaburra Deck

6.30 - 7.15 Band set 1(Chilled Set + Bridal Entrance)


Guests Enter Treetops Room


Band play 'Signed Sealed Delivered' for Bridal Entrance


Cutting of the Cake





7.45 - 8.30 Band set 2 (Chilled into bridal waltz and dance music)




Bridal Waltz

8.45 - 9.30 Band set 3 (Dance)

9.45 - 10.30 Band Set 4 (Dance)


Farewell Arch with Sparklers






Terms & Conditions


1.0A 30% booking deposit is required to secure The Wicklow Band for the date of your event. By way of making deposit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out below.  Please note a booking is not considered 100% confirmed until your deposit has been received, so we encourage you to make deposit as soon as possible.
1.1 The final payment instalment for any booking is to be received on or before the date of performance.
1.2 It is the client’s responsibility to enter the name and date of performance on any bank transfers, Wicklow Entertainment cannot be held responsible for unnamed transfers lost through inaccurate or inadequate description.
1.3 All quotes are final, fees are not altered due to extraneous circumstances on the date of performance (poor weather and/or last minute event cancellation).
1.4 It is a requirement that clients provide musicians with a basic crew meal.  This is industry standard, and your venue will be able to organise this with you.
1.5 It is the client’s responsibility to carefully read the run sheet provided in their client portal and submit any alterations. 
2.0 a) Our quotes are based on a start/finish time (call time) of 5 hours.  Please note the definition of “start time” = The time the band is required to have finished set up and sound check at the venue, and are ready to play.  “Finish time” = The time the band can finish playing, and commence packing up equipment.
2.0 b) Within a 5 hour call time the band will perform no more than 4 x 45 sets. With most running schedules for events such as weddings, this is typically 2 x 45min “chilled sets” – where the band plays relaxed modern covers, jazz, soul, latin tunes etc, and 2 x 45 dance sets, where the band plays upbeat dance material.  Importantly, the set times do not have to strictly follow the 4 x 45min formula.  For e.g. a chilled set early on could be 30min and a dance set later on could be 60min.  You could even have 2 x 30min sets, 1 x 20min set and 2 x 50min sets.  The main rules to remember, are that a set cannot exceed 60min, and the total playing time for the band should not exceed 180minutes, within that 5 hour window.
2.1 The Wicklow Band will supply appropriate background music during band breaks via iPod, which is hooked up to the PA system provided. This is included in the price. 
2.2a) Music choice and song selection: The Wicklow Band are known for performing a varied repertoire which appeals to the music tastes of all guests – old and young. We are confident in our ability to select appropriate songs throughout the night and are happy for you to leave this to us. However, it is your big day…not ours! If you would like to request specific songs that you love, you can go to our song list and select 10 songs and enter these to your personal online page – which you gain access to after your deposit is received. 
2.2 b) The 10 songs you choose will ideally be from The Wicklow Band song list on our website.  However if there are 2 or 3 which you desperately want played and they are not featured within our song list, we can try to learn these for you.  Please just put these 2 or 3 songs in the first few rows with and asterisk*.  If they are standard pop tunes then it shouldn’t be a problem for us to learn them.  Please try to finalise your song selections TWO weeks out from the event. All our musicians are full time and their schedules are tight.
2.3 The band will arrive 60 – 70 minutes before the due start time, with the PA system and drum kit first.  
2.4 Please be advised that the scheduled end time is final. The PA pack down will commence within a reasonable window of time (15 - 20 mins) of this scheduled end time. If background music is provided past this point please discuss this with the venue.
2.5 Additional hours (i.e. for receptions longer than 5 hours): These are billed at a rate of $50 per musician per half hour, and $100 per musician per hour.
2.6 Of the 4 x 45min sets, the first set must be a more chilled out/background set. This works for audience satisfaction and serves to "dial in" the band sound mix. In addition opening with at least one chilled set serves to warm up our singers and preserve their voices for the other events they perform at on a weekly basis.
2.7 In the event of a technical malfunction or a freak situation within Wicklow Entertainment that prevents The Wicklow Band from performing, the maximum compensation that a client may receive, is a full refund of the service costs.
2.8 Please note, The Wicklow Band cannot perform outdoors unless there is FULL roof cover to protect our equipment from rain.  If the band are outdoors, please also ensure that there is sufficient heating – particularly if the gig is taking place in the colder months.  *It’s very difficult for musicians to sing and play their instruments properly if they are freezing cold!


6.0 If a client cancels the services of Wicklow Entertainment, the 30% deposit will not be refunded unless the cancellation is less than 14 days after the deposit was made.
6.1 If a request for a date change is made, this is possible, subject to availability. If The Wicklow Band is not available for the new date then this is deemed a cancellation, and as such the deposit will not be refunded. If The Wicklow Band is available for the new date then the booking will be transferred, including any deposit, instalment or balance payments that have already been paid for the previous date. *Please understand that we book out very far in advance so if a date change is required, please give us as much notice as possible.
6.2 A date change will not be accepted if made within 90 days of the event date.  In this situation, it will be deemed a cancellation and the deposit will not be refunded.  Our personnel will have committed to this date, and we will have to provide our staff with a cancellation fee.  If an instalment or balance has been made, then this will be refunded.  It is only the deposit that will be non-refundable.
6.3 If you wish to downsize your band configuration within 90 days of the event, this is deemed a cancellation, and a fee of $150 must be paid per cancelled employee.